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We are a small Bombay cattery located  in Umeň Sweden.

The Bombay is one of the worlds rarest breeds. This woman made breed emerged out of a cross between a sable American Burmese and a black American shorthair after the creator of the breed Nikki Horner had put her mind to breed miniature panthers and naming them after the Indian panther and the city of Bombay.


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af Thors cattery are together with Twintorp  and Genuina in Finland he only current active Bombay Breeders in Scandinavia that breed, show and register our PUREBREED bombay cats according to the original CFA standard.

We have very close connections and cooperation with breeders in USA, France, Germany. Russia and Australia and we are awaiting even more new exciting additions to our cattery spring 2010.

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We are also maintaining the worlds only pedigree database strictly for purebred Bombays Now more than 1000 cats:



Our goals are always healthy Bombay kittens with lots of

Personality Charm and Cattitude



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Elisabeth Thors & Michael Nyberg

af Thors Cattery

Telephone: +46 90 777 495 / +46 70 36 30 928



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